The Kinetic Oxidation of Manganese (II) In Presence of the Inorganic and Organic Ligandes

Shemsedin Abduli, Bujar H. Durmishi


It’s experimented the manganese (II) oxidation without ligandes presence and with presence of ligande (inorganic and organic). It’s founded that the Mn(aq)2+ oxidation is autocatalytic and the speed execution is followed by the differential equation –d[MnII]/dt=ko[MnII] + k1[MnII]. [MnOx]. The reaction is catalyzed with ligandes filling in pH =9.40 and pH=9.70 whereas in a value of pH=10.20 only boron has speeded the process of oxidation. As well along the Mn (II) oxidation process we acquired MnO2 indissoluble which then is separated by filtration when is believed that Mn (IV) oxides are with high quantity of manganese oxidation in nature. It’s founded that with pH value rising can rise and the recruit speed of Mn(II) oxidation, where this speed is considerate as a superficial catalytic process and can have a main role in iron conveyance and manganese in the natural system.

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